West meets East: Across the Great Dividing Wall


From guest writer: Judy Bloxham.

China is the fastest growing economy in the world despite some of the recent economic setbacks. It is a country of new wealth and an odd mix of private initiatives and state control. A country of paradoxes, where all around you see the ubiquitous smart phones, yet long cultural traditions and old working practices are equally visible. [Read more…]

How Virtual Reality can be an option in Work Based Learning


The world of Virtual Reality may seem either an expensive possibility for training providers, or a mere gimmick. However with the release of Google Cardboard this offers low cost, immersive ways to engage learners. This device costs under £25 so it is cheap enough to experiment with and with Google reporting that over 1 million devices are already in the hands of users from all ages, it demonstrates that the educational applications are clearly endless. [Read more…]