Private Social Networks for Education


 ‘Why do you keep sending me email?’

From guest writer Paul Styles.

I thought you were down with the kids? Why do you keep sending me email!

That was the response I received from a student when asking why he hadn’t responded to me trying to get in touch regarding his assignment work …. 6 years ago!

It was at that moment I realised that I had to start communicating with students the way they communicate with each other and so took my first step away from Lecturing Sports Science and towards working in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning. [Read more…]

West meets East: Across the Great Dividing Wall

From guest writer: Judy Bloxham.

China is the fastest growing economy in the world despite some of the recent economic setbacks. It is a country of new wealth and an odd mix of private initiatives and state control. A country of paradoxes, where all around you see the ubiquitous smart phones, yet long cultural traditions and old working practices are equally visible. [Read more…]

How using social media can make literacy and numeracy lessons more engaging

As a Skills for Life consultant, I have been holding workshops which promote the use of social media in supporting the development of literacy and numeracy skills.  Most young people live their lives through social media, so introducing tools that they enjoy using and are familiar with makes SFL delivery more engaging and enjoyable.   I frequently hear from trainers and teachers who proudly announce ‘I don’t have a mobile/I have never tweeted/my students don’t have access to a computer – ever!’ and I see a familiarity with my own learning experience, when teachers told me they didn’t own a television set or disparaged my choice of newspaper. I wasn’t impressed. The gap between the teacher and student only widened. [Read more…]

How are your Facebook privacy settings?


7 Facebook settings you should think about reviewing.

Friend Lists: Do your Facebook laundry

Instead of having one long list of friends, it might be a good idea to create separate lists for your type of friends. For example Family, Work Colleagues, Close Friends, Hen Night Girls, Holiday Friends, Clubs and Hobbies. This way you can easily restrict your posts and photos from certain groups of people. For example you might share an album from a girls night out with your close friends, but you might not want your nan to see it. So do your Facebook laundry, just the way you would separate your lights from your darks when you’re doing your washing, separate your friends from your acquaintances. [Read more…]