Managing with 2020 vision

What does the future hold for education?

From guest writer Phil Parker.

The pace of change in education makes it hard to imagine what life will be like in our schools and colleges five years from now, in 2020. Yet that was the purpose of The Horizon Report 2014 where the views of 850 international experts coalesced into the following conclusions:

  • Integration of online, hybrid and collaborative learning will be the fastest growing trend in education
  • There will be a sharp and significant rise of data-driven learning, (what many are calling educational data mining)
  • One major challenge will be addressing the low level of digital fluency of staff (and some students)
  • Another challenge will be keeping education relevant to the world of employment in the 21st century where a chasm is likely to open between what students can do with digital technology and what employers expect from them
  • Flipped classrooms will be a major driving force for change since it utilises online learning, encourages creativity, can improve attainment and provides learner analytics.

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Going Digital

What does it take to get FE & Skills off the fence?

The word on the street, blogs, forums etc. Is that the use of technology to deliver teaching, learning and assessment is not as high as one would believe possible. [Read more…]

FELTAG a directive, an aspiration or just common sense?

FELTAG report,

For a while there, I believed that the FELTAG report might be just the kick up the backside so richly deserved by the management of many Learning Providers to engage in the use of current technology.  I still believe that the objective will be achieved, but I fear that it may be later than the original target date.

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What is a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment?)

VLE Virtual Learning Environment,

A VLE, or learning platform, is an online system that allows teachers and trainers to share educational materials and communicate with their learners via the web. Usually with built in tools to create engaging learning content. We all know that, but if you have one, is its use fit for purpose? [Read more…]

Tools to enhance learning resources

learning resources

There appears to be an upsurge of interest in the use of technology in blended learning, even I am engaged in a significant MOOC running at this time and whilst it may not be high on the list of staff development for many, I thought it appropriate to refresh my page of ‘tools’  to see if former favourites remain so and I am pleased to say, they are.

These are just a few of the dozens of examples of software tools which meet my essential criteria to stand a chance of being used. They must be free or low cost, need little or no ICT skills to create, easy to blend into current Teaching and Learning practices and as many as possible be made available online.

Please note: The list is by no means comprehensive and  this selection is simply to raise awareness and for readers to ‘try out’ and as always I suggest that they should be used within the framework of a Staff Development Programme or strategy. [Read more…]

Is Work Based Learning Fit for the 21st Century?

I have been very fortunate to have spent more than a decade dishing out advice, supporting and occasionally nagging, learning providers about the fantastic and often simple technology available to them. But here we are beginning the fifteenth year of the 21st century when I  feel the need to make the following observations which may touch a nerve with some, bewilder others and perhaps, just perhaps, encourage a few to reconsider their organisations methods of delivering Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Post-16 education. Particularly in the FE & Skills sector.
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