When is a eLearning adviser, not an eLearning adviser?


For several years my role has been known as an eLearning Adviser, or is it e-Learning Adviser? With or without the hyphen it is an unhelpful title as it means different things to different organisations and to coin a phrase initiated by Craig Taylor several years ago – when are they going to take the ‘e’ out of ‘eLearning’ anyway. Well, when are they? [Read more…]

When is an IT strategy, not an IT strategy?

Strategy IT

In the context of using technology in the FE & Skills sector, all too often it’s when there isn’t an up to date strategy in the first place, other than in the minds of the executive and or the IT department. Many strategies were produced/written when Becta or LSIS had money to give to colleges for technology enhancements which required an IT strategy. Not many have been updated since.

Even allowing for some truly remarkable exceptions, it is my experience that many Learning Providers in the FE & Skills sector, do not have a comprehensive vision for using and or introducing technology in a cohesive manner and often no formal strategy or action plan to make appropriate use of departmental purchases of hardware or software, let alone make it part of a strategic objective. We know this because? [Read more…]