Exciting Times for Education


Technology is helping us to learn in ways we could never imagine before.

By using New and Emerging Technologies (uNET), today’s practitioners, and/or their learners, now have tools that can make learning happen in ways that, not so long ago, were impossible. [Read more…]

How are your Facebook privacy settings?

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7 Facebook settings you should think about reviewing.

Friend Lists: Do your Facebook laundry

Instead of having one long list of friends, it might be a good idea to create separate lists for your type of friends. For example Family, Work Colleagues, Close Friends, Hen Night Girls, Holiday Friends, Clubs and Hobbies. This way you can easily restrict your posts and photos from certain groups of people. For example you might share an album from a girls night out with your close friends, but you might not want your nan to see it. So do your Facebook laundry, just the way you would separate your lights from your darks when you’re doing your washing, separate your friends from your acquaintances. [Read more…]

It’s alright for you John, but how do I keep up with all that’s out there?

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…this was one of the most frequent questions I was asked when I was working as an eLearning Adviser for the North West Regional Support Centre (Sadly no longer with us). [Read more…]

How do you communicate with your learner?


Using communication technology for education has been around since long before most teaching practitioners were born and in 2015 with everyone from toddlers to pensioners chatting away over the internet every day. Why is it then that so few learning providers make use of 21st century technology to teach, assesses, talk with learners or employers, train staff or hold meetings. Don’t they have access to a PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone – two tins connected with a piece of string, what is the problem?

[Read more…]