Area Reviews: what colleges apparently don’t need to know

It would appear that they don’t need to know too much about the effect that technology has on key review questions such as reducing costs or raising quality and efficiency. Not to mention the need for colleges to ‘be equipped to respond to the reform and expansion of the apprenticeship programme.’  An important area that warrants serious use of the ‘right’ technology.

I may be wrong as I am only going by the objectives of area reviews and the criteria stated for consultant’s (as in cash for) which still doesn’t include specialist knowledge in technology. But I would have thought by now that even those in high places should be aware that using a few ‘techie’ sounding words here and there will not suffice. Not if it impacts on the bottom line it doesn’t. [Read more…]

What about the Adult Learner?

Government funding cuts in Adult and Community Education and the relationship with Ofsted’s ‘Inadequate’ Training Providers.

All adult learners have some level of understanding in relation to Government Funding in relation to Adult Skills. This would seem to be the case whether they are looking for a basic course to improve their skills in order to be more competitive in the workplace when seeking to secure employment or when attempting to better their skills with a higher level FE course and are met with high fees and grants on a par with a University Learning Programme. [Read more…]