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eportfoliosAn unnecessarily confusing subject, full of personal opinion, understandable supplier bias and outdated information of what has proven to be an essential tool for the management of apprenticeships and other competency based qualifications.  Set against a plethora of barriers to change put forward by key personnel, including cost, staff development issues or simply ‘not liking it’.

When we consult on ePortfolios, it is from a decade of hands-on experiences supporting organisations in choosing and implementing systems and methods that work and more importantly identifying what doesn’t and why. As with all of our services, the advice is impartial, up to date in the latest learning technology and based upon the needs and capability of the learning provider striving to be ‘fit for purpose’ in 2017 and the foreseeable future.

Whilst we support an organisation in the decision and implementation process, the most satisfying element of our consultancy process, is addressing the ‘barriers’ to change in a 30 minute presentation to key personnel in which we cut through so called ‘barriers’, misunderstanding and myths about a subject that need not be at all confusing.

The first step is to tell us what you would like to know via our contact page, an enquiry followed by an online conversation costs nothing, delay tends to cost far more.

consultancyIncentive8 offers a consultancy to support and inform senior management in the practical implementation of Learning Technology fit for Post-16 Education in 2016 and the foreseeable future.

Colin Gallacher is a learning technology adviser with more than a decade of experience providing impartial advice and support to the FE and skills sector in the cost effective use of innovative technology. Along with associates of similar or greater expertise, the company specialises in advising leadership on how to improve what it may already have, identify systems and platforms that work together and write strategies to overcome barriers to implementation of technology in and outside of the classroom

When it comes to innovative technology, leadership has to rely on information provided and along with our expertise and experience we guarantee impartiality from specific software, hardware, whizzy devices or personal ‘favourites’. The advice and recommendations will be based on what in our opinion would be best for the organisation and the organisation will be presented with the information essential to make that informed decision.

The first step is to tell us what you would like to learn via our contact page, an enquiry and subsequent online conversation costs nothing, delay tends to cost far more.

eLearningis crucial to any programme involving the use of technology from identifying as well as introducing a learner management system to training staff to embrace it with much in between. But few organisations have the range of expertise to inform the strategy on the latest innovation, what works for similar organisations and what would be cost effective. Incentive-8 can provide that in the form of scoping meetings with key management and personnel, culminating in recommendations for actions leading to a strategic plan. For a sizeable project this may require two to five days, but even small programmes need a strategy, if only to ensure it doesn’t impact on the organisation wide objectives – and an initial enquiry costs nothing.

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Tech-review1Is an invaluable method for providing an organisation with a comprehensive analysis of what the organisation has in the way of software, hardware and infrastructure, how ILT is being used for us to identify areas for potential improvement and propose appropriate action.
This is achieved by Incentive8 specialists interviewing staff representing all departments during one working day, including teachers and management, administrators and learners. In this way our team can learn first-hand how an organisations technology is actually being used, something that a self-analysis ‘tool’ is unlikely to achieve as it will simply use the information that the individual(s) feeds into it.

The subsequent report will include a positioning evaluation statement, with practical suggestions how issues may be addressed and objectives achieved and will inform senior management’s strategic plans for embedding appropriate technology across the organisation.
The cost of a typical review would range between £1850 and £2600, dependent mostly on size and complexity of the organisation.
The initial enquiry, with no commitment at all, costs nothing.

Read more about Incentive8’s Technology Review.

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Online-ContentIs a service for Learning Providers that do not have staff with the skill set or time to create technology based learning resources suitable for blended learning in or outside of a training centre. Incentive8 can offer to create bespoke or convert existing paper based learning materials into dynamic, engaging, packages, based upon the course material currently used by a department or organisation. Unlike an off-the shelf application, an Incentive8 resource will fit the current lesson plan that has aspirations to be better, rather than making the lesson plan fit an individual resource.
See also our staff development service which includes our training your staff in the use of specific authoring tools to achieve similar objectives over a longer period.  Needless to say, the charge for this service is entirely dependent on the ‘size’ of package.

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incentive-8.infoIncentive8 offers a range of staff development packages related to the use of technology, from simply raising awareness, to hands on workshops, from half day training trainers to a series of days supporting providers to help staff transform their own learning materials into dynamic resources fit for on line learning. Including:

How to:

  • Use FREE tools to transform learning resources
  • Use technology for blended learning
  • Overcome the barriers to change
  • Get the most out of a VLE
  • Deliver training online

But the most requested and cost effective staff development provision is that when an organisation recognises the need to introduce new and innovative technology, but has been unable to overcome the resistance to change, often at great cost in resources and lost opportunities. Then we offer a bespoke package based upon the specific business objective, sometimes referred to as ‘Troubleshooting‘.

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incentive-8.infoOur online staff development audit allows you to identify the areas where some members of staff may need more support.  With your input we will produce a staff development audit that reflects the needs of your organisation.  This helps you inform your staff development training and will give you better results. Helping you to identify the needs of individuals and provide training that works for them.  After the audit we will discuss your staff training needs and advise you of the best ways to support your staff. We offer face to face training for the staff groups or we can offer a consultancy and advice service for your staff development manager.  Covering areas such as eSafety, VLE, classroom and student support systems and General ICT needs, this audit will help you move forward and help progress your organisational approach to the use of technology.

To initiate an enquiry for an incentive8 service, please use our contact page.