Learning Technology Review

Tell me more about – A Learning Technology Review

But first a few questions to consider:

  • Does your organisation have a current Learning Technology Strategy? – Current – as in created within the last two years?
  • Or put another way

Does it feature innovative and effective learning technology fit for 2016 and beyond?

  • And if so was it designed to meet the organisations vision for the use of technology?
  • Does the organisation HAVE such a vision, is it in writing and been communicated to staff?
  • Does the technology currently in place meet the requirements of your staff, their learners, their parents, employers or even your own organisation?
  • Would the technology used by your staff or learners meet the expectations of Ofsted?

or the recommendations of FELTAG?

If you are in any doubt – You could begin by requesting a free, consultation to determine whether or not an impartial technology review would be beneficial to your organisation.

  1. But what does the Review comprise and what does it do for your organisation?

It provides a comprehensive analysis of what the organisation has in the way of software, hardware and infrastructure, how ILT is being used and identify areas for potential improvement and propose appropriate action.

A technology review is designed to identify and make recommendations how to overcome the barriers which typically hold back an organisation from achieving the benefits inherent in everyday technology.

The Review will provide a report which will inform the senior managements strategic plans for embedding appropriate technology across the organisation.

  1. How will it do that?

Primarily through interviewing staff that represent all departments including teachers and management, as well as administrators and learners.

  1. Why the interviews?

We have found that the everyday experience of these key stakeholders is the most reliable source of information leading to our recommendations for action and a positive way forward

  1. What sort of Questions?

There are 5 key themes:

Vision and strategy
Managing & implementation of ILT
Teaching, learning & assessment
Online Learning
Staff development

And each interview takes between 30 and 45 minutes.

  1. How long does the actual review take?

The actual review is preceded by a free scoping meeting with senior management to discuss the process and for us to gain an understanding of the organisation, what it delivers, methods of delivery, where strengths and weakness may have already been identified, and what the organisations objectives and ambitions are for the use of learning technology.

meetingTypically Incentive-8 can interview 40-50 people in one day, liaising with a senior manager with whom we agree a programme, coordinate personnel and interview rooms etc. and minimise any disruption to the daily running of the organisation.

The resulting information and report is delivered with a short presentation to Management and Participants about two weeks later.

  1. Essentials to making the review effective includes:

  • Making key staff available

  • Assuring staff that the interviews are confidential

  • Selecting a good mix of ILT abilities across all departments

  • Honest discussions and views expressed

  • Selection of learners that represent the college cohort

  1. Evaluation & Advisory:

The subsequent report will include a positioning evaluation statement

With practical suggestions how issues may be addressed and objectives achieved within a given timeframe.

The interviews and recordings will be confidential to the individual and the subsequent report will be Private and confidential to the organisation.

What Next?

Simply complete the form on the contact page and request a free scoping discussion, Incentive-8 will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements.


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