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The primary purpose of this site is to provide information, advice and guidance to Learning Providers in the FE & Skills sector and employers taking on apprentices, in the use of what is generally called ‘technology.’ In particular software and sometimes hardware which has been designed to enhance the delivery of teaching, Learning & Assessment for the benefit of learners, stakeholders and the organisation. For example, high on the list is to signpost readers to the technology that is being successfully used in the sector by some providers and by-pass the kind of information, typically on-line, which is not only unclear, but often misleading, out of date and not suitable for the sector. The definition of an ePortfolio by some being a prime example especially when referencing is taken from an era long gone.

Hopefully the subject matter will enable the vast majority of such Providers to gain a better understanding of what can be done to dramatically improve the quality and effectiveness of what they provide and perhaps make more informed decisions on how best to take that information forward in a well constructed strategy.

DSC6365We began more than a year ago by looking at ePortfolios, providing detailed information on which system worked for what provision and which absolutely didn’t even though it had the same name. And we are still providing advice and guidance on which is which but mostly we spend time knocking down the barriers to using technology, such as too expensive, we don’t have time, we are OK doing what we have always done.  Well clearly by the number of failing organisations, that won’t do!

Elsewhere in this site and with the support of my specialist friends, we look at most learning technologies, such as VLE’s, enhanced learning resources, on-line teaching and assessment, staff development, mobile devices and apps etc. We continue to add new articles each week, tweeting about what’s ‘hot’ and staying up to date with the new and evolving technology which make up the tools befitting 21st century teaching, learning and assessment, whilst responding to the everyday pressures from government, inspectors and funding agencies. As if you didn’t have enough on a plate within the FE and Skills sector.

If you have any suggestions or particular subjects that you would like us to discuss, let us know the through the contact page, if you want to see the answers to commonly asked questions please visit the Questions and answer page.

I hope that you find the range of topics of interest.

Colin Gallacher

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