ePortfolios for Apprenticeships

An unnecessarily confusing subject, full of personal opinion, understandable supplier bias and outdated information of what has proven to be an essential tool for the management of apprenticeships and other competency based qualifications.  Set against a plethora of barriers to change put forward by key personnel, including cost, staff development issues or simply ‘not liking it’.

When we consult on ePortfolios, it is from a decade of hands-on experiences supporting organisations in choosing and implementing systems and methods that work and more importantly identifying what doesn’t and why. As with all of our services, the advice is impartial, up to date in the latest learning technology and based upon the needs and capability of the learning provider striving to be ‘fit for purpose’ in 2016 and the foreseeable future.

Whilst we support an organisation in the decision and implementation process, the most satisfying element of our consultancy process, is addressing the ‘barriers’ to change in a 30 minute presentation to key personnel in which we cut through so called ‘barriers’, misunderstanding and myths about a subject that need not be at all confusing.

The first step is to tell us what you would like to know via our contact page, an enquiry followed by an online conversation costs nothing, delay tends to cost far more.

Colin Gallacher
Learning Technology Consultant

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