Incentive8’s ‘Learning Technology Review’ is fit for purpose – Why?

Well check out the latest video from our creative content team which shows how the Incentive8 review differs from other ‘technology reviews’ which are invariably based on a form of ‘self-assessment tool’.

It’s no secret that the majority of colleges and independent learning providers are not yet realising the benefit of  using appropriate learning technology to ‘manage’ their learners, especially apprentices on work based learning courses.  Despite the evidence that the learning technology available in 2016 has been proven by hundreds of organisations to reduce costs, enhance quality, engage learners and employers and most important of all, put the control back in the hands of management by providing data in ‘real time and not by way of word of mouth, spreadsheets using methods spawned two decades ago and clung to by those avoiding change. Its not a myth, its a fact. 

But in defence of leadership and management, when it comes to introducing innovative technology they tend to be guided by their own staff or in some cases technical advisers that will rely on the information collected by way of a technology review or ‘positioning tool’ for its subsequent analysis.

Many  iterations of a positioning tool have gone before, from ‘eLPS‘ via ‘Generator’ and RAPTA and others. All of which cost a fortune to create and would have worked fine, if the individuals completing the review actually knew how their own technology was being used as well as what they had, but they rarely did and so it is today. But regardless of how ‘clever’ the tool and subsequent analysis, what comes out will only be as good as what goes in.

As a consequence Incentive8 specialists use a process proven to be effective over several years and dozens of colleges, by interviewing the managers, staff and learners that experience the current technology daily, know what the barriers are and have their own ideas of using innovative technology, given the opportunity. That’s the starting point, otherwise the outcome will be based on self-belief of an individual or two, which as a recent Ofsted report stated of an ‘inadequate’ college, that its self-assessment was ‘over optimistic’.  

So check out the video, and consider when it comes to innovative technology, leadership has to rely on information provided so it needs to be right and time to get it right is getting short.

Colin Gallacher
Learning Technology Consultant


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