How are your Facebook privacy settings?

7 Facebook settings you should think about reviewing.

Friend Lists: Do your Facebook laundry

Instead of having one long list of friends, it might be a good idea to create separate lists for your type of friends. For example Family, Work Colleagues, Close Friends, Hen Night Girls, Holiday Friends, Clubs and Hobbies. This way you can easily restrict your posts and photos from certain groups of people. For example you might share an album from a girls night out with your close friends, but you might not want your nan to see it. So do your Facebook laundry, just the way you would separate your lights from your darks when you’re doing your washing, separate your friends from your acquaintances.

Facebook logo Español: Logotipo de Facebook Fr...Checking In Places

Hello Stalker I’m here. Not sure why people feel the need to do it, but so many people do it. I have a friend who constantly checks into every place where this option is available. Another common place is ‘my comfy bed’, do people actually realise this is showing all of your friends (and anyone else who can see your posts, public, friends of friends) a map of where you live!!!!

Remove yourself from Google searches

Prospective employers, Universities, New Colleagues, Stalkers, People best left in the past, can all use Google, so remove yourself from Google Searches if your don’t want people having a good old nosey at you, without you knowing.

Make Contact Info Private

This should go without saying really, but I still come across people who show their mobile numbers, email address and D.O.B to anyone who wants to see it.

social-network-76532_640Avoid Embarrassing Wall Posts

So you’re a private person, you don’t post about your drunken antics on holiday or on nights out. You don’t make homophobic remarks or have political rants, but maybe your friends do, so what’s stopping them from tagging you in? Change your settings so you can review post you are tagged in, before they go online, if you don’t like it, then don’t approve it.

Protect Your Albums

Your grandkids school photos, little Ryan sitting in the bath, your holiday snaps, embarrassing moments all captured on camera and shared on Facebook, nice to share with your family and friends, so what’s stopping someone from right clicking and saving the image and sharing it with others. You wouldn’t make copies of your holiday photos and hand them out strangers, so don’t let others do it. That photo of your grandchild in the bath might look innocent to you, but the web is full of people who wouldn’t view it that way. Don’t let it end up on a paedophile site.

Image-for-techfume.com_Privacy Check-up

Want to know those seeing your posts, what apps have access to your friends list and timeline and who can see what on your profile, then try doing a Privacy Check-up. Get rid of those apps you don’t want to share information with, change the settings for who can see what on your profile information. From here you can get information on a whole host of other privacy settings.

Anita Holt
Technology Enhanced Learning Manager
Institute of Learning & Teaching
University of Liverpool

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